Viper Plagiarism App - Release Notes

Keep up-to-date with the latest improvements to the Viper Plagiarism Checking App. As each new version of the application is released you will be able to read the full details of the update in the notes below. If there is any particular feature you would like to see in the next release of Viper please feel free to reach out to us via our Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Version 1.7 – 31st July 2018

The summer is here and with it arrives Version 1.7 of Viper. We've been working hard on some fantastic updates to the web app to make your scanning experience even better.
The biggest change you'll notice is a refreshed look for Viper, with a design update in all areas of the app. We listened to user feedback to refine Viper and make it even easier to use!
We overhauled the documents list to make easier to view, especially for users who scan a lot of documents. Scans are sorted in order, but now display the date of scan, overall plagiarism score and category of file. If you've got lots of scans, you'll also notice they are split into pages, so you don't have to scroll through long lists to find what you're looking for.
You asked, so we answered – search is now available! You can search your documents from anywhere in the app – just start typing your document's name to see the results.
When viewing a scan result in the app, you'll now see an improved layout and easy access to helpful information to interpret your overall plagiarism score. We also improved the plagiarism download report, with a new look (and more improvements to come).

Version 1.6 – 9th May 2018

Hola! Viper 1.6 has arrived with some exciting features. We're delighted to announce that the Viper app and website is now fully available in Spanish with all the same features you know and love.
This version also adds a brilliant new feature to connect your Viper account to your Google account.
The first feature is Google Drive Submission. This allows you to access files stored in your Google Drive; and upload them directly to Viper to be scanned. Super handy for students who complete their coursework on Google Docs or Drive directly!
The second feature is Google Sign on. You can now link your existing Viper account directly to your Google account, or, if you are a new user, you can sign up in one click with Google. This allows you to quickly sign in using Google and get scanning straight away!

Version 1.5 – 21st Feb 2018

Version 1.5 is here, with a focus on offering our users even more choice and flexibility when using Viper. The biggest change in version 1.5 is the addition of PayPal as a payment provider, and additional currency payment options. We're thrilled to announce the launch of PayPal, allowing users to use an alternative payment option with added security. This means users without access to a credit or debit card can purchase premium credits if they wish. We've also added different currencies so that users overseas can avoid currency conversion charges by paying in their own currency!

Version 1.4 – 17th January 2018

Viper Version 1.4 brings some behind the scenes upgrades and changes, along with some exciting visual updates. We've given the app a slight refresh – the biggest change is the addition of some small animations to improve your experience and make Viper more visually engaging.

Version 1.3 – 12th December 2017

We're launching some important security and stability updates as part of Viper Version 1.3 – fixing issues reported by our wonderful users, squashing some pesky bugs and adding more support for users!

Version 1.2 – 6th November 2017

Version 1.2 of Viper is a big milestone, with the launch of premium credits! Users of Viper can now purchase premium credits for an improved plagiarism scanning experience. Credits can be purchased in bundles, allowing complete flexibility for users to buy as much or as little as they need. Premium scans are never published online.

Version 1.1 – 19th July 2017

It might not be a glamourous as some of our other feature-filled releases planned, but fixing bugs is always important.  We're fixing lots of bugs from our open beta test reported by all of users.

Version 1.0 – 4th April 2017

Viper Web App launches! We've finally closed off the downloadable version of Viper and migrated to our brand-new web app. Accessible anywhere in the world, from almost any device, with the Viper Web App you can conduct plagiarism scans on the go without the need to download and install software.