Viper is packed with brilliant features in order to provide a plagiarism scanning experience like no other. With incredible access to billions of sources, an easy-to-use interface and a comprehensive report on each scan, find out how Viper could save you from embarrassing unintentional plagiarism – for free!

A web of connected points

10 billion sources

Our powerful engine takes your document and compares it against over 10 billion sources, including books, journals, websites, and much more.

The Viper engine intelligently combs through your work and checks it against a huge library of online sources. Fast, efficient and highly accurate.

Lightning fast checking

Using our exclusive and super speedy Viper technology, we flag and identify any content which is matched against other sources on the internet.

Clearly view any suspect sections, and find out what sources they match to. Viper highlights any text matched to an online source, so you can discover and fix accidental plagiarism before it's too late!

Laptop Screen Screenshot of Viper on a Mac
Sample Viper Report

Detailed plagiarism report

Your plagiarism report contains all the information you need to analyse any matching content Viper finds. We give you direct links to the source page. You'll also get an overall percentage for the amount of matched content in your document.

Downloadable report

Download your comprehensive plagiarism report to take your results with you wherever you go.

Full source details

Hover over any highlighted areas to see the location of any matched text – Viper will provide a direct link to the matching source so you can explore the full article.

Full access - anywhere, anytime

Upload, scan and receive your full, detailed plagiarism report from your tablet or mobile device - wherever you are in the world.

Get access to your scanned documents and results archive at any time, making scanning and saving your work easy whenever you need it.