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Viper provides a full plagiarism checking platform filled with powerful features to help you verify the authorship of your students work. But we offer more than 'just' a plagiarism checker - we offer a full submission and marking package that helps instructors everywhere support learners.

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How can Viper help my school, college, or university?

We are dedicated to helping you achieve success using Viper in your institution. We understand that your institution is unique, and your measures of success can look different to those of another institution.

Providing the right tools and facilities for your needs is key. These can be affected by the level of study, age, location, the staff you have and many more variables.

We are working closely with institutions, students, and educators around the world to help them reach their goals, whatever their measure of success is. Let’s work together to improve education for all!

How Viper helps you and your institution

Not just plagiarism checking

Plagiarism checking is just the start. We help to promote critical thinking and academic integrity by helping students identify and correct issues with their own paraphrasing and citations.

Grading and marking

We modernise and speed up your feedback process, helping instructors spend less time marking and more time providing personal, informative feedback. This helps students develop their academic writing and drives higher engagement.

Direct student support

Instructors can’t be there at every moment for learners. That’s why our online submissions platform offers direct advice about plagiarism and academic integrity, written to their level, available anytime.

Help students move forward

Whatever level of education you’re focused on, your students will eventually move on. We help you prepare them for that next step, whatever it may be. Fostering integrity and critical thinking helps to prepare students for the 'real world', while improving academic integrity helps them transition into higher levels of education.

Meet regulatory and awarding body requirements

Achieving the highest level of regulatory awards is becoming more reliant on tackling many of the issues surrounding academic integrity as part of student advancement. Viper helps you fulfil many of those targets with its personalised feedback, helping students learn valuable skills and helping to improve IT literacy along with its academy integrity assurances.

Key Features for Institutions

Teacher and class management

Full submission management

You can optionally import all of your students and teachers to our platform which allows for management and submissions to individual assignments.

Let your students see each assignment, it's guide and make their scans before the due date and their teachers recieve the results. It's a complete submission hub!

Compare between students

Check against other students

Viper checks against previously submitted, and other current student submissions in your institution when performing plagiarism checks.

This enables you to be sure there’s no collusion between students in a class or copying from previous years submissions, like housemates, friends or siblings.

Scanning resources

Scan your own resources

Want to make sure your own resources are free from plagiarism? Viper can scan these too!

Even better, any compared resource in your institution will be checked against the students submissions! Perfect if you want to check against things like handouts or module guides.

In addition to the above, you'll also benefit from all these core features.

Check against 10bn+ sources

Viper checks for plagiarism against 10 billion sources, scouring books, papers, PDFs and journals across the web to find matches with your work.

Direct source matching

Each bit of matched content in your work is highlighted so that it’s easy to locate. We also report the full URL of any sources that match so that you can find the original content and easily compare the result for yourself.

Amazing quality and fast scan speed

With an average premium scan time of less than 30 seconds, you’ll be experiencing our lightning-fast scanning in no time. There are no delays – just easy to use, fast scanning.

Multiple File Types

You can scan most types of text documents, from Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, PDF files, OpenOffice, and Google documents. You can also copy and paste text directly.

Downloadable Reports

Download and take your plagiarism report with you wherever you go. It’s easy to submit to your teachers alongside your work as proof of originality or to send a copy to friends.

56 languages

Viper supports 56 of the world’s most popular languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and many more. See if your language is supported.

Working together to improve education

At Viper we’re committed to helping you improve education. We don’t like to just provide the software and solutions and walk away.

We want every new institution to feel like a partner in the software we provide to them. From making suggestions for new features to requests specific to your needs, we listen to them all and work to incorporate those back into the Viper experience.

Our current platform is built on the suggestions and requests from our current users and you can help decide how the platform moves forward and can best be integrated at your institution and for everyone else!

Feedback from instructors, students and leaders 'in the field' is key and helps both us and you improve education for everyone!

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