What are projects in my Viper account?

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Last edited: February 3, 2021 @ 1:54 pm

Projects are a simple and easy way for you to organise your work, scan and store your drafts of work, and get improved matching against your old work. 

When you upload a new piece of work to Viper, you’ll be asked if you wish to create a new Project or add it to an existing Project. 

  • If your piece of work is brand new, you should create a new Project. You can name the Project if you wish – otherwise, a new project will be created by default. 
  • If you’ve already scanned your work once, have made some changes, and now want to revaluate the plagiarism score, you should add it to the project containing your earlier draft. This will make sure your new work doesn’t match to your old work! 

By sorting your work into Projects, you might also start seeing matches against your old pieces of work. If you re-use or recycle pieces of older work in your current work – also called self-plagiarism – Viper will show you which Project it matches to. Self-plagiarism is a rising cause of plagiarism issues and it is important for all students to be aware of this. Be sure to check your institution's policy on self-plagiarism; for example, you may simply need to reference your old work. Otherwise, try not to re-use old work and avoid self-plagiarism at all costs!

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