History of Viper

Learn more about how Viper was developed.

Viper Plagiarism Checker is a web-based piece of software that is used to detect plagiarism in electronic documents. Designed especially for students, Viper detects plagiarism by scanning a document against millions of electronic resources such as books, journals and articles.

Since its launch in 2007, Viper has helped over 1.5 million users scan over 6 million essays, assignments, dissertations and other documents. With a simple 'drag and drop' scanning interface, easy-to understand scan results, and a free option available, Viper is the plagiarism scanner of choice for thousands of happy users every week.

Our Journey

2007 - Viper is born!

Initially developed in 2007, Viper was created to assist in checking for plagiarism and originality in the production of All Answers' custom-written research. The software was designed to check each document created to ensure no plagiarism was present.

2008 - Viper is launched

Following the success of Viper in-house at All Answers, the company realised that students and teachers alike might be interested in checking the originality of their own work. The decision was made to offer Viper to the public, and so the Viper Software was released. Launched as a downloadable program (for Windows only) and completely free, Viper quickly became very popular in the academic community.

2010 – 100,000 Users Reached

This year, we reached 100,000 users registered for Viper.

2011 - Spreading The Word

We visited universities, Freshers’ Fairs and student events to spread the word that Viper was available, for free!

2012 - 500,000 Users Registered

By the end of 2012, half a million users had registered for Viper, with over 2 million scans completed.

2014 - One Million Users!

Just four years after reaching 100,000 users, and 2 years after reaching 500,000 users, we hit our millionth user!

2015 – Five Million Documents Scanned

Viper hit a big milestone this year, reaching a total of 5 million essays, dissertations and assignments scanned.

2016 - Viper Premium Development Begins

Mid-way through 2016, we started work on Viper behind the scenes, with a plan to launch Premium Viper by the 2nd quarter of 2017. Many behind-the-scenes improvements were made, greatly improving scan accuracy and speed.

April 2017 – Happy 10th Birthday!

To coincide with Viper’s 10 year anniversary, Viper was given a massive overhaul. The entire software was revamped, with a clean and modern visual style. No longer a downloadable program, Viper became fully web-based – meaning for the first time ever, users can access the software from anywhere at the world, with complete access to all previous scans..

November 2017 – Viper Premium is launched!

Continuing the development of Viper, we launched Viper Premium, which allows users to pay for superior scan quality, speed, and more. Alongside the launch of Viper Premium, we’ve added many improvements to the scanner to make it even easier to use.

February 2018 - PayPal and multiple currency support is added!

We launched PayPal as a payment option within Viper, giving customers more choice over their payment method. Alongside PayPal, we also introduced the ability to pay directly in United States Dollars, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, and Euros, making it even easier to use Viper in your country without having to worry about currency conversion charges.

March 2018 – Viper is available in Spanish!

We’ve launched the full Viper Plagiarism Checker experience in Spanish.

May 2018 - Login and upload direct from Google!

Login with your Google account or upload documents direct from you Google Drive! We added support to make signing up, logging in and uploading documents faster.

July 2018 – Application revamp

We’ve added new animations, document layouts, scan results and a search facility!

December 2018 - Create a project and scan against your own work!

Make sure you’ve not plagiarised any of your own previous submissions with our new projects feature. Scan against your own work as well as the rest of the database! We also added the option to scan PowerPoint presentations and documents of up to 100,000 words!

January 2019 - Coupons

We’ve added discount coupons to Viper. Keep your eyes open for a discount code near you!