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By using Viper, you agree to all of the terms of this agreement. Please read the Licence terms below.

Viper Copyright © 2021 by All Answers Ltd. All rights reserved. The terms and conditions of this Licence apply to all versions of VIPER. By using Viper, you agree to all of the terms of this agreement. Please read the Licence terms below. If you do not agree to all of the terms of this Licence, then do not register for, or use Viper.

  1. Scope of Licence
    1. Subject to the terms below, you are hereby Licensed by All Answers Ltd. to create a single user account in order to use Viper. Unregistered use of Viper is in violation of U.K. and international copyright laws.
    2. You are specifically prohibited from charging, or requesting donations, for any copies, however made, and from distributing such copies with other products of any kind, commercial or otherwise, without prior written permission from All Answers Ltd. All Answers Ltd. reserve the right to revoke the above distribution rights at any time, for any or no reason.
    3. You may not alter or modify the Viper Software, nor give anyone permission to do so. All rights of any kind in Viper which are not expressly granted in this Licence are entirely and exclusively reserved to and by All Answers Ltd. You may not rent, lease, modify, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or create derivative works based on Viper. You may not make access to Viper available to others in connection with a service bureau, application service provider, or similar business.
  2. Credits, Payments and Refunds
    1. Credits can be purchased to perform scans on your documents within the scope of this licence at the rates shown on our Pricing Page.
      1. Users of the free service are limited to 1 scan of up to 30,000 characters per document per week.
      2. Users found to be registering multiple accounts will be prevented from using the free service
    2. Each credit grants a scan of a document containing up to 30,000 characters (approximately 5000 words). Any documents containing more than 30,000 characters will use multiple credits on the basis of 30,000 characters per credit, depending on the character count of the document.
    3. All Answers reserves the right to revise the purchase costs for credits and/or the character count limits per credit at any time. Any such revisions will be made on a commercial and/or operating costs basis but the value/number of existing credits may be upgraded upon request to ensure that existing credits have the same scan value after a revision to credit costs or character limits.
    4. For the purposes of calculating the character count, this includes all that Microsoft Word would include in the character count of a document, save for footnotes/endnotes, and so includes, but is not limited to, numerical values, entries in tables, bibliographies, reference lists, abstracts, executive summaries.
    5. You have the right to cancel an unused bundle within 24 hours of purchase. Provided no credits have been used since the credits were purchased, you are entitled to a full refund.
    6. Leftover credits purchased as part of a bundle of 10 credits or higher may be refunded but only up to 10% of the credits are refundable on a pro-rata basis. Any leftover credits that constitute more than 10% of a purchased bundle are non-refundable.
    7. For the purposes of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, a bundle of credits is taken as a single purchase and upon the initiation of the first scan using the first credit, this is the point at which All Answers Ltd. has commenced the provision of services for the bundle purchase.
    8. If a Viper software scan completely fails to perform a scan on a document, a refund may be given for the purchase value of the scan. No such refund will be due where the failure of the scan to detect the significant plagiarism is as a result of user error, the user’s hardware or document compatibility or any attempt to falsify scan results.
    9. It is acknowledged that matching content does not necessarily equal plagiarism and that the nature of any matching content is reviewed to determine whether matching content is in fact plagiarism.
  3. Warranty Disclaimers and Liability Limitations
    1. Viper, and any and all accompanying software, files, data and materials, are distributed and provided AS IS and with no warranties of any kind, whether express or implied. This disclaimer of warranty constitutes an essential part of this Licence.
    2. The results obtained using the Viper software are for evaluation purposes only and any content that the Viper software does not have access to will not return a matching result on the scan.
    3. Any liability of All Answers Ltd. will be limited exclusively to refund of purchase price, if any. In addition, in no event shall All Answers Ltd., or its principals, shareholders, officers, employees, affiliates, contractors, subsidiaries, or parent organisations, be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages whatsoever relating to the use of Viper, or to your relationship with All Answers Ltd.
    4. In addition, in no event does All Answers Ltd. authorise you to use Viper in applications or systems where Viper's failure to perform can reasonably be expected to result in a significant physical injury, or in loss of life. Any such use by you is entirely at your own risk, and you agree to hold All Answers Ltd. harmless from any, and all, claims or losses relating to such unauthorised use.
  4. Intellectual Property Rights
    1. You must hold all necessary proprietary and/or intellectual property rights in order to scan a document using the Viper software, so that any actions or use of the documents contained in these licence terms and conditions would not constitute any breach of such rights and interests.
    2. By scanning a document you are confirming that you hold all necessary permissions including appropriate intellectual property rights to perform that scan under the terms of this licence, knowing the consequences of carrying out a scan and holding yourself fully responsible for those consequences in relation to the document scanned, and this indemnity includes, but is not limited to, claims, losses, damages, deficiencies, liabilities, costs and expenses (including attorneys' fees and costs) arising from the act of you scanning documents that you do not hold necessary permissions including appropriate intellectual property rights to scan.
    3. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless, All Answers Ltd., its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, suppliers, and licensors, from any claims, losses, damages, deficiencies, liabilities, costs and expenses (including attorneys' fees and costs) arising from Your:
      • use of the Site or the Services,
      • violation of any third party's rights, or
      • breach of this User Agreement.
    4. For clarity, this indemnification applies both to direct claims between You and All Answers Ltd. and third-party claims. You agree to cooperate as reasonably required in the defence of any claim. All Answers Ltd. reserves the right, at its own expense, to assume the exclusive defence and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification under this section and, in any event, You agree not to settle any such matter without the prior written consent of All Answers Ltd.
    5. Your obligation to defend and indemnify All Answers Ltd. survives the termination of this User Agreement and Your use of the Site.

      All Answers Ltd. is not liable for any troubles that may occur from misusing any part of the scanning functionality of Viper. Any problems that may arise from using this feature are the sole responsibility of the user. All Answers Ltd. is not liable for any damages that may occur from using the scanning function.

  5. Storage and use of scanned documents
    1. We guarantee that we will not use your scanned document(s) for any other purpose than as explained in these licence terms and conditions.
    2. All Answers Ltd. does not obtain the copyright to scanned documents. We are a UK company subject to UK law under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and we take our obligations under this act very seriously.


    3. When you scan a document using the Viper software, you grant All Answers Ltd. a licence to retain a copy of the scanned document to be used for the comparison function of scan results within the Viper software.
    4. All Answers Ltd. does not obtain any rights to redistribute, share or publish the scanned document with any third parties.
    5. All Answers Ltd. will automatically add a copy of that document to our archived documents database for comparison purposes only. This improves the accuracy of future scans for you and other users. All scans made by you and other users of the Viper software will be compared to the document you have scanned. If a match is detected with your scanned document in the database, the user of the Viper software will see the percentage of the match, the matching text will be highlighted in the new scan but the user will never see the archived document itself - your document is kept confidential.


    6. When you scan a document using the free scan service, you grant All Answers Ltd. a licence to use the scanned document for publication not less than 3 calendar months after the date the scan was initiated.
    7. After 3 months, we may upload your essay to our student essays database, which may appear on one or more of our network of websites so that other students may use it to help them write their own essays.
    8. You agree that any right you may have to remuneration for such use of documents is waived.
    9. You may not use the Viper Software to scan documents for which you do not hold sufficient intellectual property to be able to authorise us to use the documents in accordance with the terms of this licence.


    10. Examples of how we use your essay can be found here: How does Viper use my essay?


      If you wish to revoke your agreement that your essay can be shared on one of our websites, this will be subject to an administration fee. The current removal fee is £5.

  6. General

    This Licence is the complete statement of the agreement between the parties on the subject matter, and merges and supersedes all other or prior understandings, purchase orders, agreements and arrangements.

    This Licence shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. Exclusive jurisdiction and venue for all matters relating to this Licence shall be in courts located in the United Kingdom, and you consent to such jurisdiction and venue.

    There are no third party beneficiaries of any promises, obligations or representations made by All Answers Ltd. herein.

    Any waiver by All Answers Ltd. of any violation of this Licence by you shall not constitute or contribute to a waiver of any other or future violation by you of the same provision, or any other provision, of this Licence.

Terms last revised: 22 February 2018

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