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We'll provide you with a free alternative to the well-known plagiarism checker, 'Turnitin'.

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When we created Viper, we had three goals in mind: simplicity, speed and effectiveness. A free and low-cost alternative to Turnitin, Viper is designed for everyone. Whether you’re a student, teacher, business or inquisitive individual, Viper can help you detect, monitor and reduce plagiarism in your documents.

Viper works just like Turnitin, the well-known plagiarism checker used by many universities. Accessible anywhere in the world via your web browser, Viper is incredibly fast, powerful and simple to use. It scans through a huge database of 10 billion sources, containing essays, books, journals, and other online sources – just like Turnitin and WriteCheck. Unlike Turnitin, however, you can use Viper whenever and as many times as you like – not just once when submitting your final piece of work! And best of all, unlike Turnitin and WriteCheck, there’s a totally free option available to students!

Whether you’re a student, teacher, school, university or business, discover how Viper can be a suitable alternative to Turnitin.

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Over 10 billion resources scanned
Dedicated support
You retain ownership of your work
Unlimited resubmitting
Links to plagiarised work
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Why choose Viper?

The Turnitin alternative you need

Protect yourself from accidental plagiarism

Running your document through a plagiarism scanner will reassure you that your work does not contain plagiarism - this usually means making sure that other authors' notes are not mixed in with your own and that you have not forgotten to include any citations for direct quotations. Viper is perfect both for checking your document's plagiarism percentage and helping you to reduce and remove accidental plagiarism before it's too late! Make sure you're informed about your document before submission and don't risk losing marks on a perfectly good essay just because of a missing reference.

Incredible Speed and Great Support

Viper isn't just an alternative free plagiarism scanner - it's also faster than Turnitin, Writecheck, and pretty much any other plagiarism checker available. Scans are blazingly fast, so you'll be reading your report in seconds! You are also provided with dedicated support, meaning we're on hand to answer any queries you might have about the app.

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Every student will have been through the scary process of submitting their work to Turnitin without knowing if they could be accused of plagiarism. Most plagiarism is accidental and can be avoided simply by having a deeper understanding and knowledge of your work before you submit it! Unlike Turnitin and WriteCheck, Viper gives you, the student, complete control and power over your work.

With Viper, you can scan your early drafts of work and monitor your plagiarism score as you go along. You’ll be able to keep a close eye out for potential accidental plagiarism and can make sure you reference correctly, helping you improve your essay, assignment or coursework. With direct source matching, you’ll get a direct link to the exact source of matching content – not just a general idea like you get with Turnitin and WriteCheck.

Viper is particularly great for your dissertation, which is the most important piece of work you'll ever submit. Unlike Turnitin, you can check this multiple times and make sure you didn't include any self-plagiarism by scanning it against your past pieces of work (if you have used Viper to scan them).

Interested to find out more how Viper can help you avoid plagiarism? Discover the types of plagiarism, consequences of plagiarism and get some hints on how to avoid it.

Why not try Viper today for free, or choose Viper Premium for even more features?

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Teachers (Schools, Colleges, Universities and more)

Turnitin may be widely used, but it’s also very expensive. With varying prices from area to area and worrying factors such as the requirement to give Turnitin a license to do whatever it wants with your students' work, the use of Turnitin is concerning to many. With tight budgets and increasing pressures on good performance, it is vital to save money while retaining key functionality. That’s where Viper can come in.

Whether you’re a teacher looking to take more direct control over your plagiarism checking or an academic institution like a school, college or university looking for a Turnitin replacement, Viper can provide you with a cost-effective, powerful and robust alternative anti-plagiarism solution that is comparable to Turnitin. We believe in fair pricing, great support and a close working relationship to deliver the features you need most – and you always retain complete control over your students' work. Reach out, tell us your story, and we’ll work with you to provide an anti-plagiarism solution that suits you.

To learn more about how Viper can be an anti-plagiarism solution for your academic institution, whether as a Turnitin alternative or replacement, read our Viper for Institutions guide.

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Did you know that Viper is a great solution for businesses too? Web content is a key component of any business operating online. Having good content that is unique and not duplicated elsewhere on the internet is very important when trying to maintain a healthy search engine ranking. With many smaller companies outsourcing content writing to freelance copywriters, knowing you’ve bought unique content is vital to your website's success. Viper can provide you with extra piece of mind before you publish your content.

Unlike WriteCheck, when you use Viper Premium, you retain ownership and copyright of your work. Your content remains yours, securely stored and able to be archived at any time.

Discover how Viper Premium can help businesses check their content for plagiarism by reading our Viper for Businesses guide.

Viper for Businesses