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If you're looking for a free check for plagiarism, Viper is the answer. This page explains Viper's features that are available to you.

Viper offers you:

So what are the features for your free check for plagiarism?

Viper - the totally free check for plagiarism

In exchange for access to our scanner, we ask that 3 months after your scan, you allow us to upload your essay to our database so that other students may use it to help them write their own essays. Our database is just like Scribd, but focused on education resources. As you will already have submitted your work to your university, it's no longer of use to you - but you'll be really helping other students by allowing them to learn from your work as an example.

You'll still get:

Will I be accused of plagiarism if my essay is found by my University?

No! Your essay doesn't get used for at least a full 3 months, which is a long time after your submission date. Plus, if you do spot your essay 3 months later on and decide that you're unhappy about the document being in the database, we always honour requests for removal - even if students have used our scanner for free. We want you to be happy about sharing your work with other students.

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