A FREE alternative to the plagiarism scanner ‘Turnitin’

We'll provide you with a free alternative to the well known plagiarism scanner ‘Turnitin’.

It's an easy-to-use downloadable scanner, named Viper, which is 100% free for both students and teachers.

Viper scans through a huge database of millions of essays and other online sources - just like Turnitin does.

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Students like you are always looking for ways to save money on studying costs and there is no exception when it comes to plagiarism prevention.

Free plagiarism scanners like Viper and Turnitin are great tools for students to use throughout their academic careers!

Running your document through a plagiarism scanner will reassure you that your work does not contain plagiarism, other authors' notes mixed in with your own, missing citations or quotations!

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"Accidental plagiarism is much more common than intentional, but Turnitin costs so much, that the ordinary student can’t afford to check their work through it."

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Viper vs. WriteCheck (Turnitin)

How do we compare?

We have told you what makes Viper great but how do we compare to Turnitin's WriteCheck?

Take a look at the following chart:

Compare Viper with TurnitinCustomer review

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