File size and word limits in Viper

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Viper has a maximum upload limit of 30mb. If your file is larger than this, you'll be unable to upload it. If your document contains more than 600,000 characters (with spaces included), then you will need to reduce the size of your document.

For users scanning large documents - such as books - we recommend that you split your documents into chunks. This will reduce the word count and enable you to scan, as well as making your results easier to read and more manageable.

Reducing your file size

If your file contains any images, removing these may enable you to scan your document; Viper does not scan images for plagiarism, so this will not influence your plagiarism result.

You can also save your document as a plain text document (.txt), which removes any formatting, but still enables Viper to scan the content.

If your document is smaller than this but still won’t scan, please get in touch with our Support Team, or talk to us on live chat, attaching your document to the message. We will look at your document to see what is causing the issue.

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