How to scan for plagiarism or duplicate content with Viper

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  1. Log in to Viper.
  2. The option to upload your documents is on the home screen, you can also go to this page by selecting the ‘upload’ button on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Firstly, choose your upload method: direct upload or Google Drive.
    • Direct upload: Select the ‘click to upload’ button. This is on our home screen when you have signed in; alternatively, you can select the ‘upload’ button, on the left-hand side of the screen. You can also drag and drop your files. Viper can scan Microsoft Word Documents (.doc, .docx), Rich Text Files (.rtf), Text Documents (.txt) and HTML (.html, .htm) files.
    • Google Drive: Select the ‘Import from Google Drive’ button, and if necessary, sign into your Google account. Give permission for Viper to access your files, then select the file you wish to scan.
  1. Select the most appropriate subject category – doing this helps to improve your scan’s accuracy and speed.
  2. Click ‘upload
  3. Click ‘scan’ to start. This button will also tell you how many credits will be required to complete the scan. Read more about purchasing credits
  4. Your scan should take less than a minute to complete; you can cancel this by pressing the small cross button.
  5. Once the scan is finished, click the ‘view document’ button, or you can view your document in the ‘projects’ page.
  6. Click here to read about what your plagiarism percentage means.

If you are having issues with scanning your document or with your scan results, please contact our support team or speak to our Live Chat representatives by clicking the ‘live chat’ button at the top of the screen. We aim to reply to your message as soon as possible. In your message, outline the issues that you are having with your scan or plagiarism percentage. You can also attach the document that you uploaded, as this might help the team to see what the problem is.

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