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Viper plagiarism scanner - information for universities

Are you a university or learning institution wanting to use Viper to check your students' essays for plagiarism? Perhaps you've considered that Viper could also be a useful tool to help your students avoid plagiarism before they hand in their work.

Viper is completely free to download and use. However, there are many benefits to having a custom Viper solution for your learning institution. This page explains the problems you may experience using the free version of Viper, and how we can solve these problems for you with a custom solution.

Q: Can my university use Viper to check our students' essays for plagiarism?

A: Yes. Viper is completely free to use, whether you're scanning one essay, one hundred essays or one thousand essays. The licence that we provide with Viper is sufficient for both individuals and learning institutions to use Viper.

However, when you are scanning a large volume of essays, you may not achieve the performance that you're looking for. Bulk scans can take a long time and since the server sometimes drops out and has to be reset, you may find it frustrating to try and scan using a free account. We therefore recommend that institutions contact us and pay a regular fee to have their own copy of Viper running on a dedicated server.

The advantage of a custom solution like this is that we can also create specific databases of documents you have for your use only, such as previous essay submissions.

Q: Can our students use Viper to check their essays for plagiarism?

A: Yes. Each student may download and install a copy of Viper to check their essays for plagiarism. Viper may also be installed on your library / learning institution's computers. There are no charges for using the free version.

However, if your university is also using Viper to check students' essays, you may notice that your students' essays are flagged up as a 100% match. This is because Viper stores a copy of documents that are scanned in its database. If the university scans the document after the student scans the document, there will be a 100% match to the student's scan. Some universities may not consider this to be a problem as the student can sign up with a user name that makes it relatively obvious the scan was made by the student.

Alternatively, we can provide a custom copy of Viper for you and your students to use. By providing two types of accounts (a student account and a university account), we can ensure that the students' scans are not flagged up as a 100% match by the university's scans. You will be able to install your university copy at any location so you can, for example, allow lecturers to install the software at their home address.

Q: Will a custom copy of Viper be cheaper than Turnitin?

A: Almost certainly, yes. We have worked with institutions who have provided us copies of their quotes from Turnitin and these range into the hundreds of thousands of pounds. When we create a custom solution, we charge a fair fee for the work involved in tailoring the custom install for the institution, and an ongoing fee for the space and bandwidth dedicated to the solution. Our fees are largely dependent on the volume of scans you need to carry out because this affects the space and bandwidth required for your custom solution. Usually, therefore, these fees are extremely reasonable and affordable.

Q: Can companies and corporations use Viper?

A: Yes. As for universities and learning institutions, you are welcome to use the free version of Viper, or we can create a custom installation for you. We can also provide a white label solution, enabling you to brand Viper with your company information and offer it as a service to your customers.

Contact us to discuss how Viper can work for your institution.

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