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Before you contact us, please check out the most common problems we get asked about below.

Common problems

The Server Address is Invalid

To fix this problem, please copy and paste the server location below into Viper's login screen:


Unhandled Exception (System.ServiceModel)

This error is caused by the latest version of the Microsoft .NET Framework not being installed on your machine. Please download the latest version from the following link:

Communication cannot be established with the Viper Service.

This message can occur on some externally-managed networks (such as university and work networks). Viper communicates over the Internet using ports 9077 and 9066, and these ports need to be open on your network in order for Viper to communicate with the server successfully. These ports can often be closed on university and work networks, and you may need the assistance of your IT department in order to have these ports opened. You should be able to use Viper successfully from the majority of personal home networks.

Didn't answer your question?

The fastest way to get support is by emailing support [at ] You can also send feedback and enquiries to this email address.

If you are looking for an ultra reliable solution for your university or learning institution, we can set you up a dedicated Viper solution custom to your requirements which will provide the reliability and stability you need. You can find out more about this on our universities page.

Both positive comments and suggestions are welcome - your feedback will help us improve our software.

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