Plagiarism Prevention

How can you prevent plagiarism?

Plagiarism prevention has become a little easier with Viper. Download viper, our free alternative to Turnitin

In the past, students have had to wait to receive a report from their tutor to see if they had any accidental plagiarism within their work.  Of course, by that time, if they had, it would be too late to make amendments!

With Viper, our free plagiarism tool, both students and lecturers can scan multiple pieces of work against billions of sources including the Internet, books, journals and other essays. Using Viper, you can be confident that your work is plagiarism free before you hand it in.

Check your work before handing it in!

Viper allows you to scan in your essays and dissertations before you hand your work to your tutor. Honest students will never get caught out by accidental plagiarism ever again!

Viper the plagiarism scanner
Plagiarism-free work

Get a comprehesive plagiarism report based on your work - completely free!

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