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These free lesson plans have been prepared by a PhD qualified lecturer. They are available to read online or for download.

The plans are designed to support the following standards (although cover many additional standards as mentioned therein).

Level III [Grade 6-8]

Benchmark 3. Organizes information and ideas from multiple sources in systematic ways (e.g., time lines, outlines, notes, graphic representations)

4. Organises notes from multiple sources in systematic ways

Benchmark 5. Uses appropriate methods to cite and document reference sources (e.g., footnotes, bibliography)

1. Uses bibliography to document reference sources

2. Uses footnotes to document reference sources

Benchmark 7. Uses strategies to gather and record information for research topics (e.g., uses notes, maps, charts, graphs, tables, and other graphic organizers; paraphrases and summarizes information; gathers direct quotes; provides narrative descriptions)

9. Paraphrases information

10. Summarizes information

11. Gathers direct quotes

Level IV [Grade 9-12]

Benchmark 9. Use standard format and methodology for documenting reference sources (e.g., credits quotations and paraphrased ideas; understands the meaning and consequences of plagiarism; distinguishes own ideas from others; uses a style sheet method for citing sources, such as the Modern Language Association, American Psychological Association, or Chicago Manual of Style; includes a bibliography of reference material)

1. Uses standard format for documenting reference sources

2. Uses methodology for documenting reference sources

3. Credits quotes to their sources

4. Uses paraphrased ideas for documenting reference sources

5. Understands meaning of plagiarism

6. Understands consequences of plagiarism

7. Distinguishes own ideas from others’

8. Uses style sheet method for citing sources

9. Uses Modern Language Association format for citing sources

10. Uses American Psychological Association format for citing sources

11. Uses Chicago Manual of Style format for citing sources

12. Includes a bibliography of reference material

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