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Schools, colleges and universities are increasingly concerned about plagiarism because of the many ways that students can now cheat using various difficult to detect sources, which are not their own. All academic institutions impress on every single student the dangers of plagiarism and how severely they will be punished if plagiarised material is discovered in their work. This can be really terrifying especially if they are new to academic life.

The problem is that everyone tells you about the dangers of plagiarism but nobody tells you how to solve it. You may not even know what plagiarism is and need an essay checker to point it out to you. Download viper, our free alternative to Turnitin

Basically, plagiarism is taking someone else’s work and attempting to pass it off as your own and this kind of plagiarism can occur in two ways, both of which can be identified by an essay checker.

Viper, our free essay checker, will identify both of these and will help you to see where there are possible problem areas within your work, before your tutor does and save you a great deal of time and trouble!

What is an essay checker?

An essay checker is a peace of software that scans your work against millions of websites in order to detect plagiarism. The best of these essay checkers and certainly the best known is Viper. The essay checker is a vital academic tool because it is all too easy to overlook areas of possible plagiarism, as mentioned above. The essay checker prevents this because it shows you where your problem areas are and in this way makes it easier for you to amend your work quickly, easily and efficiently.

What does Viper do as an essay checker?

Viper functions very well as an essay checker because it scans your work carefully against millions of sites to ensure that your work is plagiarism free.

This means that even if you have accidentally pasted in work that is not your own, the essay checker will detect it and you can then change it before handing it in. An essay checker like Viper is essential because schools, colleges and universities are all checking students’ work these days to protect the integrity of academic awards. The colour coding of different areas of potential plagiarism helps you to see clearly which is which and how best to deal with them.

Viper is an excellent essay checker because it is free and easy to use by teachers and students alike, so this really is an invaluable academic aid.

How do I use Viper as an essay checker?

It actually could not be simpler and what’s more, once you have registered, the service is absolutely free! Yes, despite the fact that universities, colleges and schools pay a great deal of money for essay checkers, Viper is available to all students as an efficient essay checker and at no cost whatsoever, enabling you to check your essay for any signs of plagiarism and remove them before your tutor even sees them.

Both students and teachers can benefit from Viper’s essay checker, easily and free of charge.

How does Viper work as an essay checker?

Viper works as an essay checker by:

What details does the essay checker give me and how does it help?

The full essay checker scan by Viper gives you all of the following:

In this way, the essay checker helps you to:

All of these will be highlighted in different colours by the essay checker, so that you can easily cross-check between the different areas. You can then rectify any problems that the essay checker has identified, enabling you to deal with possible areas of plagiarism more effectively.

In today’s academic world, it is essential that both students and teachers alike make use of an essay checker such as Viper, to ensure that whatever academic problems you may have, accusations of plagiarism are definitely not amongst them!

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